Thursday, April 10, 2014

My Blog Title

I haven't update anything for a while now.. still here, it's only that I'm too lazy to open my laptop at home nowadays. My little kraken is getting my whole attention at home so both my hands is busy. Any spare time, I'll position myself on the sofa comfortably watching tv... Seriously, I don't know how mommies out there still manage to update their blogs (=___=)"

I can't remember if I have mentioned here in my blog that I am an Anime lover. I've started to watch anime since my uni years and never turn back from there on. To date, I have watched at least 500++ anime. But same as updating my blog, I haven't watch any anime since I gave birth, hee.. I'm that lazy :P

My blog title, August Serenade. If you typed it, you'll find out that it's a Japanese song by Suga Shikao. The song was a theme song for an anime title Honey and Clover. One of my favourite anime and favourite song too. I've decided to use the song title as my blog name because it just happened that my favourite month is August and it's my birthday month :D

Ahh.. till then, I'm typing this in my office, sorry boss, I just have to use this time, bad me, bad me.. ;p

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