Thursday, April 10, 2014

My Blog Title

I haven't update anything for a while now.. still here, it's only that I'm too lazy to open my laptop at home nowadays. My little kraken is getting my whole attention at home so both my hands is busy. Any spare time, I'll position myself on the sofa comfortably watching tv... Seriously, I don't know how mommies out there still manage to update their blogs (=___=)"

I can't remember if I have mentioned here in my blog that I am an Anime lover. I've started to watch anime since my uni years and never turn back from there on. To date, I have watched at least 500++ anime. But same as updating my blog, I haven't watch any anime since I gave birth, hee.. I'm that lazy :P

My blog title, August Serenade. If you typed it, you'll find out that it's a Japanese song by Suga Shikao. The song was a theme song for an anime title Honey and Clover. One of my favourite anime and favourite song too. I've decided to use the song title as my blog name because it just happened that my favourite month is August and it's my birthday month :D

Ahh.. till then, I'm typing this in my office, sorry boss, I just have to use this time, bad me, bad me.. ;p

Monday, October 21, 2013

Singapore Trip

I went to Singapore on 13 - 15th October. It was a work trip, explain why I have couple of pictures only. The one interesting about this work visit was we managed to see how the Singaporean produce their 'NeWater' as one of their source of drinking water.

I think if we don't know the history of the NeWater, we might drink it as naturally as mineral water, because it's pack nicely into a 350ml bottle and looks like any drinking water in the market. The visit was exhausting and dry, but none of us open the NeWater bottle to quench the thirst.. hehe, fortunately for me, I brought my orange bottle from the hotel ^___^

NeWater is produce by treatment of the wastewater (should I say sewage?) and the quality by far superseded natural water. When I asked the Singaporean representative, has she drink it? She smiles and didn't directly answers my question, instead she said that "the water we usually drink come from the river/sea/etc is actually from wastewater also, as we know we discharge our wastewater or treated wastewater back to water source (river/sea/etc), so indirectly we are consuming the treated wastewater, same like NeWater, just that for NeWater it's a direct process".

In a way, I know she's right. 

I brought two bottle of NeWater, one for the house and one for my office. My hubby drink the NeWater bottle knowing what it is and he said, it's what any water should taste like. The other bottle, none of our office mate dare to drink it, yep it's a matter of perception. 

I still don't dare to drink it, hahaha... even though I'm in this industry, to drink the treated wastewater will take a long long long time for me to make my decision, after I make the decision, it will still take me more time to realize that decision, to open the white cap and put the bottle in my mouth :P

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Perfume: Lady Gaga Fame

I should post this picture sooner. I bought it last year, well not exactly me who bought it, asked my bestfriend to buy it for me when she went to honeymoon in Singapore, November last year. During that time, this perfume haven't reach Malaysia yet and I was so craving to have it even though.. urm.. I don't wear perfume

Lucky me, I got this perfume and it comes together with it's black box!! which was limited edition and not all country have this extra gift with it! Yeppi!!

Lady Gaga Fame, 100ml, bought at Singapore Airport


Stunning... the one thing that I love the most is the egg-shaped bottle and the claw-like cap

The black liquid 

The limited edition black box

I can't remember how much the price, but this is the 100ml, the smaller one comes in 50ml and 30ml. Well, the bigger the better, lol..

The perfume is available at KKIA and Air Asia airport, I spotted it at the airport somewhere in June. Now, there is another one perfume that I'm dying to have... the new Katy Perry's perfume! Killer Queen :DDDDD

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